Collection of tools to supplement optimization algorithm optimizer.EvolutionaryAlgorithm.

Include a list of desired tools in param after_update_opt_state of optimizer.EvolutionaryAlgorithm.

gc3libs.optimizer.extra.log_stats(algo, logger=<logging.RootLogger object>)

Log summary statistics for algo.

Parameters:algo (str) – Instance of gc3libs.optimizer.EvolutionaryAlgorithm.
class gc3libs.optimizer.extra.plot_population(figure_dir)

Plot the 2-dimensional population of an gc3libs.optimizer.EvolutionaryAlgorithm instance. If the population is not 2-d an error message appears and no plot is created.

Parameters:figure_dir (str) – Path to the directory where plots should be stored. Directory will be created if non-existent.
gc3libs.optimizer.extra.print_stats(algo, output=<open file '<stdout>', mode 'w'>)

Print summary statistics for algo.