A namespace for constants and default values used in the GC3Libs package.

gc3libs.defaults.CONFIG_FILE_LOCATIONS = ['/etc/gc3/gc3pie.conf', '$VIRTUAL_ENV/etc/gc3/gc3pie.conf', '/home/docs/.gc3/gc3pie.conf']

List of filesystem locations where config files would be read from.

gc3libs.defaults.JOBS_DIR = '/home/docs/.gc3/jobs'

Default session directory for GC3Utils.


Use of this global default session is deprecated.

gc3libs.defaults.LSF_CACHE_TIME = 30

Time (in seconds) to cache lshosts/bjobs information for.

gc3libs.defaults.RCDIR = '/home/docs/.gc3'

Default directory where all GC3Pie-related files are stored.

gc3libs.defaults.SPOOLDIR = '$HOME/.gc3pie_jobs'

Top-level path for the working directory of jobs.

On batch systems, this should be visible from both the frontend and the compute nodes.

gc3libs.defaults.VM_OS_OVERHEAD = Memory(512, unit=MiB)

Subtract this amount from the available total memory, when creating resource configuration from cloud-based VMs.